How to Create a Zen Meditation Room in Your Home: Part 1

Zen Meditation Relax Yoga

Breaking away from the normal life full of activities and engaging in meditation is one sure way anyone can relax and just think of themselves in a quiet Zen meditation room. Meditation is good for personal growth and development. By meditating you help refresh your brain. A complete and successful meditation requires a room with conducive surrounding which must be created by following certain key instructions and requirements. The following are ten (10) best tips to help you create a Zen meditation room in your home.


No Tech devices

Calm Mellow colours cushionA Zen meditation room should not have any technology devices such as phones or iPads for one main reason which is to avoid any form of distraction like picking a phone call or responding to a call. This is one way to help you meditate and take your time in relaxing and refreshing your brain. As you set up a room for meditation, there should be no installation of any form tech device.


Choose an Easy Color

A typical Zen Meditation room should be painted using a color that suits you and it should be a color that works well with you. Meditation rooms should be painted with your most preferable color that will make you feel free and relaxed while meditating. The environment in your meditation room must be serene and should match with your mood when meditating.

Clean Outdoor Meditation Room


Incorporate the Calmness of Nature Into Your Room

What is meditation according to many people? While it can mean deep thinking and self searching, most people believe that meditation is actually relaxing in nature and bonding with it in calm and easy to manner. You can bring nature into your home meditation room by having a plant at the foreground of your room facing wide transparent walls that can allow you see the environment within and outside your room. A water fountain also has the power to help you appreciate nature so you can meditate in the process.



Cool Music

For peace and tranquility to exist within you and your meditation room you will need to play your favorite slow music. Music is food to the soul and it is important to only allow a music device as the only electronic in your meditation room.


Add Something That Touches Your Feelings

When setting up a Zen meditation room in your home it is important to add things that you believe touch you the most. You can decide to have a sizeable Buddha statute inside your meditation room or maybe a carving that you feel attached to.