How to Create a Zen Meditation Room in Your Home: Part 2

Zen meditation woman blue water

Last time we explored 5 ways to create a zen meditation room. Here are the remaining five:

Avoid Stuffy and Crowded Rooms

You can never be able to manage meditation in a crowded room with limited space
and ventilation. While you endeavor to make a Zen meditation room in your home you should do so while getting rid of any furniture or items that might distract you when meditating. Meditation requires calmness, ease, and focus on what you do during that special moment between you and the high powers. It is a moment to treasure and therefore your meditation room should have items such as a cushion, yoga mat and a sizable pillow to use during a yoga session.

Clean Meditation Room

Bring in Relaxing Aroma Into Your Room

Infiltrate the space in your room with a nice aroma using peppermint or oils that have meditative smells to help sooth you. You also have the freedom to light candles and watch them burn down slowly as you look at the flame which has powers to take away your mind. You can choose to burn sweet smelling incense that will fill the room and make you meditate more. This is called Aromatherapy.

Choose a Room with Good Lighting

You can either decide to use the natural light and in this case you would have to open your windows and curtains if any so that you let in more light. If you cannot get plenty of natural light then you will have to choose the best lighting for you. If you prefer bright light you can have that but if you don’t then go for dim light. It is wise to install lights that dim at your own pleasure so you can choose to set whatever mood you want like Art of Living says.

Zen Meditation woman


Choose Your Favorite and Coolest Room or Place

You need a quiet room with no distraction by people walking inside and distracting your meditation session. Meditation works only when there is calmness and pin drop silence. If it turns out difficult to get a quiet room you can choose a quiet place in your garden where you can freely interact with nature and appreciate what it offers.




Associate Your Meditation Room with Sacredness

Your meditation room is a special place in your home and you should treat it in a manner deemed special. Your family or people you live with should know the importance of your sacred room and they should only visit it when they need to be alone meditating and self searching.


Did you try any of our tips? If so, comment below to let us know how they went! What other things have you tried that you truly enjoyed?